Our Site
Rootsy is a private place to share your family stories and connect with the people you care about most. Our site lets you: 1) build your family tree, so you can map out your family relationships and explore your heritage, and 2) share photos, videos and stories that your family will enjoy. Everything on Rootsy is private, so only your family can see what’s happening in the network.

Our Mission
Rootsy’s mission is simple: to bring families together. Our goal is to help people strengthen their bonds with close family as well as reconnect with distant relatives. We believe that family is the most beautiful thing on earth.

Our Story
Before we decided to build Rootsy, we were frustrated by how difficult it was to stay in touch with our own families. If we didn’t have a valid reason, we always found an excuse: we were too busy, we lived in different parts of the world, or we hadn’t kept in touch for a long time. When we looked to technology for a solution, we found that the vast majority of social sites overlooked family relationships and took important notions like privacy for granted. Tired of these frustrations, we set out to build an experience that was custom made for our needs and which would help us to better connect with our loved ones. It was then that Rootsy was born - a private site just for families.

Our Name
Rootsy speaks to the roots that families form as they grow. It also celebrates the beautiful heritage that each of us shares with our ancestors.

Our Team
Rootsy is built by a small team of entrepreneurs at the QLabs tech incubator in Noho, New York. We’re passionate about technology and build consumer web apps that solve real human problems. Rootsy is very close to our hearts as many of us have families around the world. To say hello, send us an email at family@rootsy.com.